Bet Return Tutorials

Ever changed your mind after placing a bet? Maybe you learnt that one of your selected team wouldn't win afterall. Or, you just finished placing a live bet and felt like withdrawing your money immediately? NairaStake Entertainment allows you to do all these.

Let's consider the following steps below:

A user places an accumulated bet involving 3 selections as the image below shows:

The bet above was placed with a stake of NGN1,000 and gets submitted to show the page below:

Let's assume that the user made a mistake, and wanted to reverse his bet or maybe felt like one of his selections might not win afterall. The user simply can decide to return/cashout his bet. In other to return his bet, the user can access any of the 3 markets included in his accumulation. This is done by navigating to the sports, league, match and then market.

In a situation where he decides to return his bet by accessing his selection the the game between Arsenal and Southampton, he navigates to the "Soccer" sport, clicks on the country "England", selects the league, "English Premier League", selects the game "Arsenal vs Southampton" and finally views the market "Full Time Winner". This shows the screenshot below:

The screenshot above shows a button reading "Cashout NGN1,000" under the Match Draw selection. Remember that the user indicated this as a part of his accumulation. The amount shown with the CashOut button represents the exact amount deducted from the user's account at bet placement time. If the user chooses not to return/cashout his bet before any of his accumulated event goes live, this amount begins to either increase or decrease depending on the live outcome of the games.

In other to begin the bet return process, the user must click on the CashOut button. This action would produce the screenshot below:

The screenshot above presents information concerning the user's bet. The information is grouped into two columns called "Original" and "Current". The "Original" column explains details of the bet at placement and the "Current" column presents current details of the bet.

If the event has not gone live, the current Profit would read zero which means that a CashOut would return the user's initial liability back to his account.

If the event has gone live, the current profit reads either a positive or a negative value. The value reads positive if the event goes in the favour of the user's selection and negative if against the user's selection.

Clicking on the "Proceed to CashOut" button reveals the screenshot below:

After loading, we are presented with the screen below:

After CashOut, all markets involving the cashed out bet are dynamically changed to remove the "CashOut" button. The screenshot below shows that:

CashOut is supported for all bet types and can be initiated at anytime before 90 minutes.