LAY Singles Tutorials

NairaStake Entertainment offers you the possibility of placing Lay Bets. Lay bets allow you to bet against a selection. For instance, if you Lay Draw in the Match between Manchester United and Chelsea, you would win if the game does not end in a Draw. This implies that you would win provided any of the two teams records a victory against the other.

In NairaStake Entertainment, you can place a Lay bet on any selection of your choice, simply navigate to the market, add to your betslip and place your bet.

Let's see a sample screenshot that shows how markets are listed on NairaStake Entertainment below:

Notice from the screenshot above that each selection has two odds displayed with it, the BACK odd and the LAY odd. If you wish to bet in favour of a selection, simply click on the BACK odd. To bet against a selection, click on the LAY odd.

Let's take an example where a user decides to bet against "Roasso Kumamoto" in the event, "Roasso Kumamoto vs Ehime". Laying Home in this selection means the user believes that "Roasso Kumamoto" would not win the game. So, the user wins if Ehime wins or the event is drawn.

The screenshot below shows the actual LAY odd being selected:

Selecting the LAY odd above reloads the betslip and we have something like the screenshot below:

Notice the following details on the betslip:

  • The amount of money you risk in a LAY bet is quite different from the BACK bet. You would risk the amount the BACKer would naturally win. That is, your risk is calculated as ((amount X stake)-amount). So, in our sample bet above, the user would have NGN2,380 debited from his account if he proceeds to bet placement.
  • The LAY bettor wins the exact amount he staked on. So, if the bettor placed a stake of NGN10,000, his profit after bet win would be NGN10,000. In our example above, the user would win NGN1,000 as his NET profit if "Roasso Kumamoto" fails to win the game.
  • Therefore, in a case where the user wins, the total amount to be returned back to his account would be NGN3,380 which represents LIABILITY + STAKE
  • The column to the right of the "Your liability" column tells you the maximum stake allowed for this LAY bet. You cannot enter a stake that is higher than this value. This value represents the maximum amount you are allowed to win on this market selection.

You can always learn the implication of each of your bet selections before placement. To do this, click on the "Help" tab within the betslip to reveal the screenshot below:

On clicking the "Place bets" button within the betslip, we have the confirmation info page below:

Click on the "Proceed to placement" button to complete your bet placement. After placement, the system finally returns the page below: