CashOut Tutorials

NairaStake Entertainment Offers you an opportunity to withdraw your bet at anytime. This especially comes handy when you feel your bet has already been lost. Instead of waiting helplessly for your bet to be lost and your money lost, we offer you an opportunity to cart away a part of your money.

Let's consider the following steps below:

A user places a live bet in the event, Crawley Town vs Colchester United. The user begins by clicking on the Match Draw selection as in the image below:

The page page loads and shows the betslip where the user enters a stake of NGN1,000 as shown in the image below:

After placing the bet, a button appears below the "Match Draw" selection of this event with an amount of money as the picture below shows:

For live matches that are yet to hit 70 minutes, the amount of money placed appears immediately with this button. This also happens with bets placed before inplay. In our scenerio above, the amount appears immediately as NGN0 but changes to a withdrawable amount within 2 minutes of bet placement.

Within 1 to 2 minutes of bet placement, the cash value changes and we have the screenshot below:

At the time of this tutorial, the event had progressed to 79 minutes of play and the user has an opportunity to take NGN400 out of his initial stake of NGN1,000. This value keeps decreasing as the event progresses and disappears at 90 minutes. Note that at this point, the user is currently losing and as such, our cash out value keeps decreasing. In a situation where our user's selection is winning, cash out shows an amount higher than the stake which keeps increasing until 90 minutes.

Let's assume that the user decides to cash out at the current value of NGN400. When he clicks on the cash out button, a small info page loads like the screen shot we have below:

The screen shot above shows that our user would be losing NGN600 out of his initial stake of NGN1,000. This leaves him with a cash out value of NGN400. If the user chooses not to cash out at this point, this value keeps reducing so long as his selection remains at the loosing end.

The user then decides to cash out and clicks on the "Procced to CashOut" button. The image below appears:

After processing, the info page changes with the details below:

The info page changes all values to NGN0 to show that the user's bet has been settled/cashed-out. This implies that any later outcome in the event would have no effect on the user's bet.

Finally, the market page adjusts dynamically and the cash out button disappears. So finally, we have our original screen shot as in below:

Note that cash out is supported on all bet types. This includes Singles, Multiples, Back and Lay bets.

For multiple bets, Cash Out appears on all markets that where chosen in the accumulated bet. For example, if a user places a Doubles involving A win for Chelsea and a Draw for Arsenal, opening the Chelsea wins market and Arsenal draws market would show his cash out amount. For multiple bets, cash out values remain the same for all market selections.