What is NairaStake Entertainment
NairaStake Entertainment is a sports company operating in Nigeria that offers a global portfolio of Trading products and services. This includes Africa's leading betting exchange. NairaStake Entertainment other products include very large virtual sports world.NairaStake Entertainment is unique among other betting networks in that it offers the two most popular betting systems which are: Bookmaking and Exchange betting.

Why NairaStake Entertainment?

NairaStake Entertainment offers you unprecedented choice, value and control.

  • You can bet that an outcome will happen (back) or that it won't happen (lay).
  • You can choose the odds at which you want to play.
  • You can bet whilst the game is in play.
  • You can use a single stake to predict the outcome of many matches in our multiples.
As we introduce other products, we will operate a simple one-wallet system, meaning you have the same username, password and payment method to play all of our games with the minimum of fuss.
What is different about betting on NairaStake Entertainment

Back or lay

When you "back" a selection (be it an individual, a team, or other), you are betting that it will win. This is just like betting with a conventional bookmaker.

When you "lay" it, you are betting against it winning. For example, if you're betting in a market on which team is going to win the Premiership and you lay Man Utd, then if they any other team wins you win.

If you are a Nigerian registered customer you are betting through the Nigerian exchange, which means that your bets are being matched by other NairaStake Entertainment customers. In this case, although NairaStake Entertainmentknows who is on each side of every bet matched, you never know who you are betting against, as it may be a number of people matching your one bet. If you are registered with NairaStake Entertainment from outside the Nigeria you are betting directly against NairaStake Entertainment rather than other NairaStake Entertainmentcustomers , but in all cases your privacy and the confidentiality of your bets is maintained by NairaStake Entertainment's secure site.

Choose your odds

If you trade on NairaStake Entertainment and want better odds than are currently available, you can place an order for a better price, but bear in mind that if your price is unrealistic your bet is unlikely to be accepted. Note that the odds available often improve nearer to the 'off' (or when the event starts) as interest and betting activity in the markets increases.

Dual Betting Choice

In NairaStake Entertainment, you can choose to bet on the exchange(ie back/lay) or the bookmaking(back) bet type.If you bet on the back/lay betting, you may greatly improve your chance of winning by laying,however, your liability(what you lose if the event does not favour your prediction) increases more than when you are backing.
If you however bet on the bookmaking bet, you have the option of selecting many events that you are sure of and predicting their outcome with just one stake.

Stop Loss, Cash out on wins

In NairaStake Entertainment, you can choose to withdraw your bet when the event is going against you live. You can equally settle your winning bet irrespective of the final outcome of the event.

Learn More about Cash Outs

Who is behind NairaStake Entertainment
NairaStake Entertainmentwas founded on December 2009 in order to leverage online money making using betting technologies in Nigeria that had been under development for the preceding year. The technology used by NairaStake Entertainment is proprietary and, as well as being protected by copyright, is the subject of patent protection in various jurisdictions

For any enquiries concerning the company please e-mail us at customercare@nairastake.com we will be pleased to help you.
Is betting with NairaStake Entertainment safe?
Meet the security you wanted
  • Your full details are encrypted and sent over the internet only once - when you register.
  • Your details remain encrypted and are stored on NairaStake Entertainment's secure servers.
  • For further information on the NairaStake Entertainment deposit process, email customercare@nairastake.com or call our helpdesk on .
Unparalleled Customer Support
You, the Customer, are very important to us and that's why we put a great deal of time and energy into customer service. We pride ourselves on our speed, efficiency and friendliness when dealing with any questions or queries that may arise.

Enjoy betting with NairaStake Entertainment!